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Louise Skjoldborg Lessél Experience designer
Interaction designer, experience design, concept design, event management, innovation, Louise Lessel, Louise Lessél, Louise Skjoldborg Lessel, Louise Skjoldborg Lessél, exhibition design, installation, interactive,
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I have a degree in interaction design, digital media strategy and communication from the IT University of Copenhagen.


I approach problems through user-centered design, I care deeply for digital aesthetics, and every project you will find in my portfolio is concerned with designing and researching experiences.


I design for the senses, for tricking the mind, for collaboration and for new technology. Though e-business and events are others areas I am well-versed in.


I am currently studying Medialogy at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, with emphasis on programming and prototyping interactive installations. Here I teach a course on interactive museum design, bookable through AAU on Demand, using cases developed with eight Danish museums.


For a full list of professional work, please visit Linkedin.

Louise Skjoldborg Lessél
Experience designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Experience design & interactive installations