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Brew a Beer online

About This Project

The Brew A Beer project is an exploration into the possibility of offering customers the opportunity to create personalized beer online. Allowing people to explore and experiment with the flavors they like, without the hassle of brewing it themselves.


The concept is simple: Brew A Beer is an e-business cooperating with breweries, where real master brewers take care of the orders. There are some basic recipes and beer types (e.g. American Pale Ale, Pilsner, Lager) that customers can choose from on the Brew A Beer website. These can easily be modified and ingredients can be added. When the brew is done it can be picked up at the brewery or shipped to the customer. And while it is brewing, the customer can choose to get updates on the progress in real time.


Perfect for personal gifts for your friends or if you’d like to make your own beer, but can’t quite make the time. If you are a business, e.g. a bar or a festival, Brew A Beer is a perfect way to start creating your own signature beer.

  • Possible extra customizations include choosing the bottle type and creating a personal label.
  • Possible developments include a visit to your beer at the brewery.
  • Special flavors could depend on the time of the year.

A secondary offer could be letting the customers choose from a number of Brew A Beer signature beers and creating a personal label.


Brew A Beer saves all orders the customer has placed, making it possible to re-order or change previous recipes. Furthermore, the website will include a discussion forum, where recipes can be exchanged and discussed, bringing a sense of community to the site. The website will also include a section dedicated to showcasing the bars that sell beer made through Brew A Beer.


Brew A Beer is currently at the business model development state, where an initial exploration has been made for the Danish market in the spring of 2011, and there is no working prototype. If you would like to start this project please do not hesitate to contact me.


Collaborators on business model development in 2011:

Camilla Lützhøft Stahlschmidt, Vita Thomsen, Jette Stampe Forstholm, Cecilia Birkmose Samsson

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