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Evolving the event experience




Concept Designs
About This Project

The Self-Imagenarium is a large scale event that helps people unwind their potential through a series of challenges.


The challenges will prompt the participants to let go of control and put themselves in situations that are different from what they are used to. The challenges are fun, intellectual, transcends boundaries, and the participants have to engage in every challenge, either as an individual or as a much needed component of a team.

The challenges put the participants on the spot. They prompt self-reflection and self-discovery as well as build confidence in the participants. The entire experience will take approximately 3 hours.

The theme of the event is personal development in a challenging and fun way. Therefore the challenges are located in succession and form a huge obstacle course… Read more about the ideas for challenges.



Why create such an event?

Now, more than ever, there is a tendency in our society to strive towards becoming the perfect human being, a being who is all that he/she can be, and who can take on any challenge. There is a rise in the interest of knowing your qualities and developing these qualities through personal coaching and other inspirational events. The need to challenge ourselves is also visible in the entertainment industry, with increased participation in everything from mentally challenging and self-assessing board games, such as Bezzerwizzer and EGO, to physically challenging extreme sports. Even on our TVs, more and more self-assessing and exhibitionistic programs appear every day.


Although these trends exist in today’s society, we have not yet come across an event that provides a playful setting for people to understand and unleash their potential. It is this setting we wish to establish. We are not another motivational coaching event where the audience remain a passive receiver, or an expensive one-off session that requires making a phone call to admit you need help. We are an involving opportunity for people to release their potential.


The Self-Imaginarium event is on the conceptual design level and a full business plan has been made. If you wish to know more or think this event should be created, please contact me.




Jens Stürup & Kirsten Kristensen