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Mediated concert experience

Framing the concert experience



Cross Media, Event, Sound
About This Project

Imagine letting the audience at any given concert get a look behind the scenes at the preparation for the concert, and by doing so, letting the audience get to know the musicians’ backstage behavior before the band goes on stage to deliver their stage performance.

By exploring Goffman and Meyrowitz’s theory of frontstage (staged/in the spotlight) behavior and backstage (personal) behavior in a real life context (the concert) using technology as the mediating tool, we find out “how introducing a band with a video influences how the concert is experienced”.


Introducing layers of mediation to a concert is normal today, with visuals and enlargements on screens placed throughout venues and festivals everywhere in the world. Though perhaps this is especially common at larger events and not so common at a smaller concerts with upcoming bands, which is what our experiment explores.


The experiment works with two levels of mediation, the first “the intro video”, was shot before the show and was designed to show backstage behavior, by showing the band arriving at the venue, setting up their gear, their soundcheck and a short interview. The video is approximately 1 minute long.


The second video “the experiment result” is a mediation of the concert, showing the frontstage behavior of the band, and designed to tell the story of how the first video effected the experience of the concert through short audience interviews.


This project was done for a class in digital mediation of live performances.



Thomas Emil Christiansen, Kristian Bo Schiøler & Nicolai Broksø