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Louise Skjoldborg Lessél Experience designer
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Mix and Match

About This Project

Mix and Match aims to introduce the music of artists playing at a music festival to potential audiences in a novel way that focuses on creating a social interaction form between the interacting collaborators.
The installation allows the users to mix and match stems from different artists and thereby explore the layers that individual tracks consists of.
In this way the installation provides a novel way of getting to know an upcoming artist, while simultaneously setting the individual audience member’s music taste center stage and up for negotiation between the interacting collaborators.


The installation offer no visual cues indicating the location of each track. This is to spark conversation and negotiation between the festival attendees, instigating an explorative behavior and investigating the collective memory and social interaction that arises.


The installation was developed for Roskilde Festival 2016, using Unity and TSPS.
Paper published at HCI International 2017 on Springer: Mix and Match: Designing an Installation for Music Festivals Aiming to Increase Social Sustainability.


In collaboration with Vlad Epure, Beatrix Ivicsics, Istvan Kovacs, Jakob Ranum, Nikolaj Schlüter Nielsen.

Sound installation for presenting artists



Interactive, Research, Sound