p5.js Shaders
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glsl, p5js

p5.js Shaders



A guide for getting started with shaders in p5.js.

Programmers often find shaders intimidating and confusing. This ongoing project aims to make getting started with shaders much more accessible, and much less confusing. By placing shaders in p5.js where many new programmers start out, we hope to show that shaders do not need to be for advanced programmers only.


The guide has tutorials for what shaders are, how to implement them in p5.js in various ways, and how to use shaders from other ressources, such as shadertoy, in your p5.js projects.


Visit p5.js shaders


In collaboration with Casey Conchinha.



p5.js, GLSL



Processing Day NYC, February 8,  2020
The New School, New York,  link