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Story Music

About This Project

During Golden Days Festival the event “Tag Retur med Teitur” (Return with Teitur) was developed for the Hello Heritage programme.


The event featured an interactive concert experience where the bay area outside of Nordatlantens Brygge was turned into a little slice of Torshavn – Teitur’s hometown – for one evening. The area was filled with Faroese participants knitting on the waterside, folk dance, snaps and fish soup served with a story on the side by legendary cook/captain/storyteller Birgir, who spends his days on the harbor side in Torshavn. Faroese upcoming bands played the harbor stage and walked through the audience like street performers.


The audience were co-creators and invited to sing along on the song they had chosen upon arrival. This prompted strangers to share the papers with lyrics with others, thus breaking down the boundaries between Teitur’s fans through song. Faroese residents felt a little slice of home for the evening, and Danish fans learned more about the cultural heritage of the Faroe Islands, a part of Denmark far to the north were communal singing is an important part of the culture.



The event was part of a series of events for showcasing the digital storytelling and interactive documentary ‘Story Music’ by faroese musician Teitur and production company 1606.

Image credit: Cecilia Samsson.
Boat Credit: Käthe Vessels, Helge Pedersen.

Storytelling through an interactive concert



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