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The Black Queen

About This Project

The Black Queen is an interactive computer actor for use in live theatre, which behaves like an evil entity through limited AI (boids and FSM) and on-stage tracking. The interaction through projection mapping is intuitive to the actress and eliminates the use of overlearned choreographies and external visuals crew. The visuals are fully reactive to the actress’ movements, they respond to when she walks to various locations on the stage, as well as pushing and swiping movements of her arms.


The project was built for The Black Queen theatre play, which premiered in September 2018 at the Prometeo Theatre in Miami, USA.


To see video from the play (if the video on this page won’t play) please visit: https://vimeo.com/299035290

Enter password: blackqueen

The other two videos explain more about the technology, and were shot during user testing.


More info at queen.black


Play by the esteemed composer Juraj Kojs.
Actress and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Beattie.


Project collaborators: Sophus Bénée Olsen, Amalie Solander, Nina-Franciska Christiansen.