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Louise Skjoldborg Lessél Experience designer
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The Voice of the People

Public art installation for political communication



Concept Designs, Interactive
About This Project

There is a large disconnect between the Danish elected government officials and their constituents, while communication on social media is cluttered and consists mainly of personal attacks. As such, there is currently no effective way for the public to reach the politicians and vice versa.

This project investigates the possibility of designing an ambient display that lets its users communicate an emotion or opinion through simple means to decision makers, in order to create a shared awareness of current issues.


We explored the potential of a large ambient display being placed in the public space, outside the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg and how such a display should be designed with this concept in mind. We tested with an initial prototype and then investigated if our design would potentially have the intended effects.



Jolene Jensen, Christoffer Kjær, Adam Kvisgaard & Maria Sroka