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YoungBeats strategy

Crossmedia experience and party



Concept Designs, Cross Media
About This Project

“YoungBeats” at the venue Pumpehuset is all about the upcoming scene: music, visuals, DJs, installation art and a dedicated website for audience voting.

The YoungBeats concept involves four bands playing live, a host, a couple of DJs and visuals based on the bands’ videos. The venue also gets a new makeover for every party with a special theme decided by a group of artists making this an immersive experience.


The YoungBeats party is planned with user involvement throughout and the audience has a chance to decide which bands will play at the party, by going online to the YoungBeats website and voting for the participating bands before the party. The winning bands will have the design of the venue fitted to their music, identity and genre.


The project examines the cross media and experience economy strategies used in this concept with focus on the relation between the online platform and the party. With special attention to the design, user involvement, cross media references and the audience experience, using surveys as the main form of information gathering.


The project concluded in 2010 with adjustments to the concept, making the marketing and the immersive aspects of the experience better through low or no cost tasks, accommodating the needs of Pumpehuset. The improvements were implemented immediately and were a great success.




Vita Thomsen, Camilla Lützhøft Stahlschmidt, Cecilia B. Samsson & Jeanette Boesen