Søstr (2023- )


360 degree audio/visual immersive installation and performance for the band SØSTR.

For the release of the 5 song SØSTR EP, this concept was developed as a residency in VEGA Lab - the new immersive lab at the Danish cultural institution and concert venue VEGA, which has three concert halls and is visited by approximately a quarter of a million guests every year.

The performance uses spatial audio with minimum 8 speakers placed in a circle around the audience and the visuals are connected to the audio's paths as the travel through the space, making their journey from speaker to speaker. 
The visual design for Søstr iscentered around the lyrical universe of the songs using lots of metaphorical expressions leaning on nature. It is about re-finding yourself - a return to listening to your body and be present and reactive to the immersion that the installation itself creates. 

The project has been created as a collaboration with uberørt (creative technologists Louise Skjoldborg Lessél and Nina-Franziska Christiansen), sampling assets from 3D visual artist Katherine Mills Rymer of OFuture and with spatial sound supervision by Eric Raynaud (aka Fraction).

The installation is also a part of artistic research that SØSTR are conducting hosted by the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. 

The video is a compilation of the work in the lab.


SØSTR is Louise Foo and Sharin Foo.
This project is an ongoing exploration and visual collaboration with uberørt.

TouchDesigner, Blender


3 Days of Design, February 22, 2024, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sound of Science, November 10, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ideal bar VEGA, Oktober 29, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Lobby, September 6, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

What's Next Conference, September 29, 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark


VEGA LAB, November 12 December 4,  2023, Copenhagen, Denmark, Link


Gaffa.dk Link

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